Group Visits

Are you a member of a guild, painting chapter, garden club or other creative group?  Join us at Artisan Life & Style™ | Rebecca Baer® Studio and complete a quick project available for a nominal fee to groups of ten or more.  

Stenciled Scarves  Stenciling (textile/fabric paints) on a prepared rayon scarf. Each student receives a scarf with the background hues already applied along with one stencil.  Stencil styles will vary so that students can share amongst themselves to mix patterns.  Additional scarves and stencils  are available for purchase. Paints are provided for use during the session.  This session takes two hours so you will want to schedule your group’s time accordingly.  

Two scarf examples are shown. "Seafoam", top right, is eleven inches by sixty inches. "Raspberry", bottom right, is six inches by seventy-two inches. Each student's scarf will be different depending on the background and stenciling colors as well as the stencils used. The scarves will be unique and one-of-a-kind rather than duplicates of the scarves shown. For your group's visit you need only to select the size scarf that you would like to paint. 

$27/per person (6" x 72" scarf)
Minimum group size 10

$35/per person (11" x 60" scarf)
Minimum group size 10

    Please bring the following items
  • #2 RB Stenciler (You will need 2-3)   Brushes may be purchased in advance for delivery in class.
  • Palette paper or styrofoam tray
  • Paper towels (Viva preferred)

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