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I'm excited to be able to share our new line of "Whimsies & Wishes™" stamps licensed to Gourmet Rubber Stamps.  These American made stamps are deeply-etched rubber backed with 1/8" thick cling mounting cushion.   

Expanded Use 
This initial release encompasses winter, celebration and Christmas icons.  The celebration icons, party hatmasknoise makerschampagne flutes, etc., can be used year-round for everything from New Year festivities, toasting personal successes, birthdays or anytime you want to commemorate a special occasion.

Several of the Christmas stamps can do double-duty as well. Three of four coordinating open text stamps "LOVE", "JOY", "HOPE" and "NOEL" can be repurposed for other events.  "LOVE" can be used for Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries or anytime you just want to spread some love around.  Many events can bring "JOY" into the picture such as a birth or adoption, a special friend or any joyous occasion.  "LOVE", "JOY" and "HOPE" can be combined to create a coordinating inspirational or uplifting trio of mixed-media images for display or used in a series of scrapbook pages.

The stamps come backed with a cling mounting cushion.  To use, simply peel away the protective backing and mount on an acrylic carrier.  The one shown here is pre-printed with grid lines as well as angled lines for precision alignment.  This is especially helpful when using the word or phrase stamps. In theory, a single carrier is all you need since the stamps can be peeled off and stored separately.  On the other hand, if you are making a series of stamped images and working with several independent stamps repeatedly then extra carriers are useful.

For convenient storage, laminate* a sheet of cardstock and punch with holes for a three-ring binder. The stamps will cling to the laminated page.  Pages are then stored in a three-ring binder and can be removed or rearranged as needed.  Before lamination you can print the sheet with the subject, i.e., holiday, wedding, celebration etc., and stamp each image onto the sheet.  If you choose relative colors for each category you'll be able to flip to the desired group of stamps at-a-glance.

*If you do not own a page laminator you can take your pages to a local copy/printing shop for lamination.

More to Come
More "Whimsies & Wishes™ stamps are in the works.  Next-up: Valentine's Day and everyday romance!  All you need is love.  Love is all you need. 

The stamps can be purchased online at rebeccabaer.com or in-store at Artisan Life & Style™ located in Hagerstown, MD.  Please see the Artisan Life & Style™ website for location and hours.
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