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Please consider this your personal invitation to visit our teaching studio and store.  There is always plenty to see inside but a visit in May or June could bring the opportunity to view our Magnolia trees in full bloom.  The season varies depending upon the weather.  Three Magnolia trees can be viewed  from within the studio & showroom through the large industrial steel windows.  The largest of the three trees fills two of the windows as it grows right along side the building.  This tree is a sight to behold towering three stories high.  You’ll never wonder where to find inspiration for paintings of classic Southern Magnolias.  A visit in early spring may afford the possibility of seeing the neighboring Saucer Magnolia in full bloom.  
Of course if you fancy a  Fall visit, your journey will take you through the Appalachian mountains where you can view Autumn in all its splendor as we are nestled in a valley surrounded by the rolling hills of Appalachia.

Whatever your season of choice may be you will find a wonderful array of inspiration, supplies and artisan works when you visit us here at Artisan Life & Style.  Oh, and coffee is always on so enjoy a cup with us while you are here. 

The building that houses our studio is a charming, albeit large, structure, which was originally constructed as a dairy.  We are preserving the original walls and floors  along with the wonderfully large steel windows of paned glass.

Studio Hours & Contact
Be sure and contact us before planning a special trip.  If you happen by without calling ahead, 301.797.1300, you take a chance that we will not be here for you.   Our standard days to be open are Friday and Saturday but be sure to check the schedule for hours or days when it is necessary for us to be closed.

Group Events
If you would like to bring your group for a visit, e-mail us to be put on the schedule.  We welcome individuals as well as groups of all sizes. Special perks are offered for groups of ten or more.
We look forward to welcoming you!

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