Rebecca Baer® | Designer

With life long passion for all things creative Rebecca rose to popularity in the painting market in the 1990’s.  This led to extensive publication opportunities, travel throughout the U.S. and overseas to share her unique artistic style with eager painters.  

As the painting market matured Rebecca turned her focus to art licensing and quickly established licensing agreements in multiple product areas.

Rebecca’s hand painted original works, instructional materials and various commercially produced products bearing Rebecca’s licensed art are all available here at Artisan Life & Style™.

The Story of Artisan Life & Style™
On Rebecca's journey through the world of making a living with art she and her husband repeatedly found that, among the various players, i.e., publisher, manufacturer, distributor, retailer, etc,  the artist is typically the least compensated.  They desired a venue where they could offer other artists an outlet for their works as well as space for sharing their techniques in order to earn an income with their art.  Artisan Life & Style™ is the result.  Throughout the store you will find work from various artisans along with a bio telling a little about them and their work.  Please be sure and take a look at their work when visiting Artisan Life & Style™.
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