Infinitus Designs | Chainmail Jewelry

Although the existence of chainmail significantly predates medieval times, for many it evokes images of knights and castles, lords and ladies, which lend a touch of romanticism and distinctive charm.  Intricately interwoven rings combine to create complex and beautiful designs as each piece is painstakingly handmade by linking
together one-ring-at-a-time.

A network administrator by day, Greg Sandzimier is the creative force behind Infinitus Designs and has always had the desire for hands-on creative expression.  With admiration for the metal-rich, medieval looking armor and jewelry, he began creating his own pieces using the same techniques crafters used hundreds of years ago to make chainmail armor. However, his pieces are much more refined, as he uses smaller metal rings to craft his fine jewelry and accessories. The process is as labor intensive as it ever was, with each tiny, individual ring painstakingly woven into another to eventually create a complicated masterpiece.

A work in progress
Steam Punk Throwback
The image at left shows a work in progress.  Notice the many tiny rings used to create this segment of chainmail.  The image at right  shows a completed necklace.
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