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Immerse yourself in the Artisan Life as a student of the arts.  At Artisan Life & Style we spotlight independent artists.  Some of our artisans share their love of the arts via classes in our studio, where we provide an educational and encouraging environment to help you discover your inner artisan. 

With each class listing on the workshops page we have designated a "genre" to define the focus of the class in both style and content.  Each of these is described below.



  • An introductory class is meant to familiarize the student with the basic materials used for a specific medium followed by actively using the materials. No previous experience is required.

Project Oriented
  • Project-focused classes are meant to result in the completion of a specific project. Students may not finish in the allotted class time but will have the necessary instruction needed to finish independently.  Project-oriented classes can be for any skill level and may or may not require a familiarity with the specific medium.  Please refer to the class description for the suggested skill level.

Skill Builder 
  • Theory and/or technique-focused classes that result in personal growth rather than a project. Suitable for advancing beginner and higher skill levels.

Artisan Paper Creations

  • Discover your inner artisan with a little creative play and take your paper creations to the next level.  Our paper-focused classes don't use a lot of fancy machines or gadgets.  Instead, students are encouraged to incorporate various art materials and creative techniques to fashion truly unique paper-art.

Mingled Media
  • Live outside the box and let your media mingle!   Mixed media, by definition, is the inclusion of two or more art mediums on a single work.  This can be paint & pencil, introducing wet media or watercolors to your papercrafts or the layer upon layer creations that have come to epitomize this genre.  We have coined the term "mingled media" here at Artisan Life & Style as a way to characterize our use of combined media in various classes that are not necessarily created in the multi-layered style that has become synonymous with "mixed media".

Textile Arts
  • Immerse yourself in the creative exploration of fabric and fiber via workshops incorporating dyes, paints, printing, stamping, marbling, felting and other techniques all with a focus on textiles.

  • Experience the luxury of painting with professional artist grade materials.  Our watercolor workshops feature 100% cotton rag, artist grade paper and a custom palette of professional Mission Gold watercolors.

  • Economical bottled (fluid) acrylics are the medium of choice  in these workshops.  
Open Studio
  • Space is available for you and your friends to work independently in our studio classroom with access to our tools & supplies.  Groups or individuals can reserve a seat at the table.  The registration fee can be applied against any product purchases made during the open studio time block for which you are registered. No carryover of unused registration fees are permitted. Staff is available for questions. No formal instruction takes place on open studio days.  Contact us for details and availability.

Registration for a workshop serves to confirm that you have read and agree to all studio policies.

Copyright Policy

We respect artists and recognize the value of intellectual property.  We will not facilitate the unauthorized use of copyrighted materials.  No photocopied materials are permitted in classes.